Reports from Haiti Day 1

As I read her summary of the day’s events, I can hardly imagine a scene such as this.  I would like to think I could demonstrate that much courage and devotion to get the job done as she but I am not so sure.  We have to feel very fortunate for the resources available to us when we are in need. Feel free to share your comments.

“Well, I survived my first night.  It made the most crazy of nights at Children’s Hospital seem tame in comparison….

Radiology had no film, lab ran out of reagents, there were sporadic power outages, and the whole show was being run by a Haitian resident.  Well, until he said “tomorrow? see you  tomorrow?” and left at some point in the middle of the night.

We admitted a patient from the morgue.  Yes, from the morgue.  Somewhere, somehow this man was presumed dead, was put in a body bag and taken to the morgue…only he was still very much alive.  We don’t know his name or how long he was in there…he did not talk, just screamed for 9 hours straight.  His screams were matched by those of a woman in labor.  Little Roberta arrived around 4 am, delivered by Dr. Rob.  I’m told it was one of the quieter nights they’ve had lately.

One of the biggest frustrations continues to be finding supplies.  Donations are wonderful, but boxes of random, unrelated, incompatible items are maddening…the instructions on every package are in a different language, meds have different names in different places and none of the units are the same.”

Visit News from Haiti tomorrow for Day 2

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