How to Ensure Users Abandon your Ecommerce Checkout

I have to admit that Pur Minerals is my favorite brand and I often recommend their 4-in-1 powdered foundation. On a recent visit to one of my best friends home in north central Wisconsin, I let my friend use my foundation and she loved it too.  I buy it from my local Ulta Store but there is no Ulta store anywhere near her.  So, I decided to buy the foundation for her as a gift.

Here’s a snapshot of how that experience went:

  • Buyer mindset: Eager and ready to buy
  • Brand Awareness: Loyal and committed customer
  • Intention: To Buy & Ship Now
  • Greeted With: A Major Roadblock…

how to force users to abandon your ecommerce cart

As you can see from the checkout cart screen capture, they are indicating that I am unable to continue due to not having my password confirmation. Yet there is no form field anywhere on this page to enter a password! Whaaa?!

I was stuck and really wanted to purchase this! I continued to go back to the previous page to see if I missed something, scanned each field with a magnifying glass and spent more time than I cared to with no success.

The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is between (approx) 56%-66% percent according to Marketing Sherpa. I would guess this shopping cart exceeds that average.

End result: No purchase was made, no response to an email to tell Pur Minerals of their website cart issue and a loyal customer was frustrated

I would love to view their website analytics to see how much revenue they may have lost due to this technical shopping cart error.

Lesson: If you manage an e-commerce website, monitor your carts check out funnel and set up alerts for various metrics such as a high exit rate or decrease in revenue by “x” percent. Oh and responding to emails would be a nice touch also.

Please share your online shopping cart frustrations.

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