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Two Words. Just Two Important Words…

I think there can be a lot of power in just two words when written or spoken and then acted on. For instance, “Love Everyone”, “Forgive All” or “I Promise”.  Those are some powerful words with a lot of meaning

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Jo Stumpner’s Numerology Personality Report

I just had a numerology report done.  As I read through the report that my friend drew up after asking me a few questions including my location and time of birth, I realized it may actually be a pretty accurate

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In Honor Of My Birthday, Buy Yourself a Gift! So Many Questions

Age is Simply a Number I turned 34 years old today and it sure feels great!  If I had know how great 34 feels, I would have done it sooner.  As I marvel in how great and youthful I feel,

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Attitude, Gratitude and Perspective

During my recent travels up north, I was faced with several situations that were challenging to say the least. I received word of the passing of my uncle via Facebook of all places.  I come from a very large, close

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