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Reports from Haiti Day 2

Today flew by. I spent most of it sorting and organizing supplies. And the rest of it helping to dismantle some of the huge tents that were once hospital units, but are no longer needed. That allowed me to be outside and explore the hospital grounds a bit. In my travels I discovered a few more interesting aspects of University Hospital:

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Reports from Haiti Day 1

“Well, I survived my first night. It made the most crazy of nights at Children’s Hospital seem tame in comparison….

Radiology had no film, lab ran out of reagents, there were sporatic power outages, and the whole show was being run by a Haitain resident. Well, until he said “tomorrow? see you tomorrow?” and left at some point in the middle of the night.

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Reports from Haiti

Coming soon will be posts about first hand accounts from a member of my church who is spending a month serving in Haiti with a medical team from Wisconsin. The conditions they are working in are unimaginable. I felt compelled

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