Two Words. Just Two Important Words…

I think there can be a lot of power in just two words when written or spoken and then acted on. For instance, “Love Everyone”, “Forgive All” or “I Promise”.  Those are some powerful words with a lot of meaning

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Keeping Your Best Employees Is Critical To Your Business Success

What?! You’re leaving me?!  A business owner or team leader’s nightmare: When top employees put in their resignation. Was it me? We can change! As a business stakeholder, your first line of defense will most likely be to offer them

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Seducing Your Audience eMarketing Keynote

I have presented marketing information to audiences for nearly 13 years now but in a little over an hour, I will be presenting my first keynote presentation. I was honored that the eMarketing Association’s President, Robert Fleming, took a chance

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How to Ensure Users Abandon your Ecommerce Checkout

I have to admit that Pur Minerals is my favorite brand and I often recommend their 4-in-1 powdered foundation. On a recent visit to one of my best friends home in north central Wisconsin, I let my friend use my

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My New Favorite Edamame Recipe

I have been experimenting with a variety of raw dishes lately and stumbled across a very tasty, simply and healthy treat. I rarely measure so you will need to make adjustments to match your preference but these are the ingredients:

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Jo Stumpner’s Numerology Personality Report

I just had a numerology report done.  As I read through the report that my friend drew up after asking me a few questions including my location and time of birth, I realized it may actually be a pretty accurate

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Google Adwords Quality Score Mystery

Overview of Campaign We launched a new campaign less than three weeks ago that targets keywords closely relating to one high dollar product that our client manufacturers and sells direct to the end-user or through distribution partners. Some keywords are

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Reports from Haiti Day 11

I can’t even begin to imaging how physically and emotionally challenge this mission in  Haiti must be. A fellow church member shares her thoughts here on her 11th day serving in Haiti. Torrential rain, all night long last night.  Apparently, rain

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Reports From Haiti Day 10

The cardboard box incubator really got me when I attempt to picture what this scene in Haiti must look like. Wow! Only in Haiti… Is there a chicken running around in the ICU for an hour before anyone (myself included)

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Reports From Haiti Day 9

A continuation of the reports from Haiti as told by a member of my church who is serving with a medical team for 30 days. Today’s big news of the day was that there was an aftershock.  According to the locals

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